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Specializing in RPGs and Short Story Anthologies, our goal is to give you worlds beyond imagination and so immersive that you'll never want to put them down! 

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Stories from the Realm: Fables, Fairytales, & Legends

Launching June 4th, 2019

Stories from the Realm: Fables, Fairytales, & Legends

Launching June 4th, 2019

An anthology of short stories from some of your favorite RPG and fiction writers, but also a companion book for any 5E campaign. Is this a dream come true? Absolutely it is!

We wanted to explore the types of stories whispered in local taverns, sung in Dwarven halls, and told by Gnomish grandmothers in front of the fire. What inspires average folk to become heroes? What stories do Elvish parents tell their children to keep them safe? What are the rumors whispered about Teiflings as they pass?

Writers include Richard Lee Byers, Elaine Cunningham, Erin M. Evans, Matt Forbeck, Matthew Gravelyn, R.Z. Held, Rhiannon Louve, Richard Malena-Webber, and Rich Wulf. Possibly more to come!

The book will include a full-page illustration for each story and a beautiful, full-color cover by the prolific and amazing Beth Sobel*!

Also, just to make it extra special, the book will contain an appendix of stat blocks created from the characters, creatures, and magical items within our stories so you can use them in yours.

Enjoy these tales with a hot cup of tea, read them to your littles at bedtime, or incorporate them into your 5E campaign via NPCs or PC backstories. It's completely up to you!

*The lovely picture above is part of Beth's cover art.

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