Our Story

-Why We Do What We Do-

Why do we love storytelling?

Storytelling is at the core of the human experience. We are told stories as children to be taught valuable lessons, we tell stories to each other to have shared experiences, we pass stories on to keep our history alive. Stories are the fabric of our shared existence, and they now proliferate in a multitude of mediums; books, movies, gaming, YouTube, fan fiction, comic books, and many, many more.  


We are the stories we tell. 

At Creator's Companion Publishing, we specialize in the genres that we already know and love as readers, players, and consumers ourselves. We want a hand in crafting quality storytelling with an emphasis on character and plot development. We want to dive into immersive worlds that don't rely on clever gimmicks or trope-laden world-building to prop up the story but have characters that we can truly identify and interact with.  

We work with modern storytellers from a variety of mediums to bring the types of stories we love to life! 

Why "Creator's Companion" ?

Naming a business is like naming a child, it can either help or haunt its future. For us, we tinkered around with the idea of using "Writer's" or "Author's" instead. Something just didn't feel right; we knew we wanted to do more. Those terms weren't broad enough for the services we wanted to provide, and for the range of mediums we wanted to work with. Storytelling is a craft in which something is built from the ground up; sometimes whole worlds, galaxies, or even universes. Tales born of the imagination and brought to life.

That sounded like the definition of creation to us, which makes all of you the Creators.  Once that was settled, we knew instantly that we wanted to be your companion in the quest to complete your work.

Thus, "Creator's Companion" was born.

Being a companion means building a lasting relationship. It is in the definition of a companion to be complimentary and spend a lot of time with the other individual. We want to make that relationship both pleasant and productive with the goal of finding your voice and making it heard loud and clear. 

Now all you have to do is let us know what it is you have to say.

Our Team

Sarah Sh​arp

Owner/Lore Master/Wrangler of All Things

I started Creator's Companion because of my love for genre fiction and tabletop gaming, and my deep seeded passion for wordsmithing. I have desired a career in storytelling since the 4th grade and now I can have it within the worlds of my hobbies. It is truly a dream come true!

Levi Mote

Games Master, 

Project Manager,

Voice Actor

My passion for entertainment, role playing, board games, and creative fiction drives me to want to help others make their projects shine. I want to use the skills, tips, and tricks I have learned over the years to do just that.

Shannon Buck

Associate Editor/Changeling Rogue

I adore all stories, books, role playing games, and anything that lets imagination flow and takes you on a journey of the mind! Reading is my happy place; short stories, novels, and even cereal boxes. I truly believe that even the worst stories I have read are just works in progress with infinite potential.